Welcome to NGA. This site is devoted to the greatest console of all time, the NES. If you never had a NES then you missed out on many great games. I remember the fun I had playing Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt for the first time. These were great games to play. They were REAL entertainment. In my opinion the best games of all time were on the NES. This page was made because of my fondness for this old system that is still connected to my TV today.

If you don't have your old deck anymore you can still play almost all of these games with an EMULATOR. Emulators are programs that let you play games from different platforms on your PC. The two best emulators for the NES are Fwnes and Nesticle. Besides the NES there are emulators for practically any system you can think of: Atari, Colecovision, Gameboy, SNES, Sega Master System, Genisis, Playstation and the N64 just to name a few. You will not find these programs or the roms to play the games on this site.

What you will find on this page is screenshots of over 800 NES games. I want there to be a page where you can see the many games that were made for the NES. My goal is for this page to be a fun place for you guys to visit. If you follow the link on the left you will see a little TV set with a NES deck. The games are organized in alphanumeric order. After you pick a game, click on the SCREEN button and you will see the title screen on the TV. Click on the button again and an in-game picture will appear.There will eventually be four pics of each game. Clicking the CARTRIDGE button will pop-up a new window with a scan of cartridge. Pressing the BOX button will pop-up a window with a box scan.

Remember I want this site to be a good one, and for that I need your help. Any suggestions to improve this place are welcome. If you have a game that isn't on the list, then send me an e-mail.