8/28/01 Added Manuals for Alpha Mission, Astyanax, Back To The Future, Blades Of Steel, Castlequest, Excite Bike, Gauntlet, Licensed, Ghost N' Goblins, Rc Pro-Am, Rolling Thunder, Short Order/ Eggs-plode, Super Mario Bros, To The Earth.

3/14/01 Added Manual for Star Soldier by Taxan.

3/10/01 - Wow, been a long time. Have some new scans as follows: Cart Scans of Arkista's Ring, Bible Adventures (Black), Bible Adventures (Blue), Championship Bowling, Home Alone 2 Lost In New York, Kickle Cubicle, Krion Conguest, Mappy Land, Megaman 6, Mighty Bomb Jack, Mighty Final Fight, Puss 'N Boots Pero's Great Adventure, Rad Racer 2, Roller Games, Spiritual Warfare, Super Spy Hunter, Thunderbirds and Wheel Of Fortune. Also added Cart and Box Front/Back Scans for Back To The Future, Blades Of Steel and Hunt For Red October. I'll add the manual scans maybe on saturday, if not by next weekend.

12/26/00 - Added Cart Scans for Adventure Of Rocky & Bullwinkle, Cowboy Kid, F15 Strike Eagle, Goal Two!, Mig 29 Soviet Fighter, Shooting Range, Ski Or Die, World Cup, WCW World Wrestling. Also Manuals for Bandai's Galaga and Nintendo's To The Earth.

11/28/00 - Uploaded Manuals Scans for Capcom's Mickey Mouscapade, Imagesoft's Dragon's Lair, Nitendo's Tetris 2 and for Kemco Seika's Desert Commander. Also added 21 Screenshots.

11/21/00 - Added two Game Posters, one is Codemaster's Quattro 4 Adventures, the other is Taito's Gunsmoke. Also added Cart Scans for After Burner, Sky Shark, Urban Champion, Wheel Of Fortune Jr Edition, Wizardry - Proving Grounds Of The Mad Overloard and WWF Wrestlemania Challenge. Added Manuals for Bandai's Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and Nintendo's Legend Of Zelda and Zelda 2 - Adventure Of Link. Last on the list I fixed the javascript in the Game Posters / Game Ads files so you can open multiple windows .....oh yeah....life sucks....really......

11/7/00 - European game for you guys today - Blue Shadow, added Box/Cart/Manual Scans.

11/2/00 - Added Cart Scans for Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers, Dragon's Lair, Gradius, Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom, MC Kids, Megaman, Power Blade, Spy Hunter and Strider. Also Box Front/Back Scans for Contra Force, Dragon's Lair, Eliminator Boat Duel, F117A Stealth Fighter, Iron Tank, Silk Worm, Sky Shark and Solitare. There is now over 400 cart scans online, halfway there....

10/26/00 - Added Box Front/Back Scans for AD&D Dragon Strike, AD&D Hilsfar, Anticipation, Bart VS World, Blues Brothers, Burger Time (Data East), Caveman Games, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyle's Quest 2, Gauntlet 2, Ghostbusters, Golf, Goonies 2, Hatris, Ivan "Ironman" Stewerts' Super Offroad, Incredible Crash Dummies, Kings Knight, King's Quest V, Krusty's Fun House, Legend Of The Ghost Lion, Metal Gear, Magic Johnson's Fast Break, M.U.L.E., Mystery Quest, Power Blade 2, Race America, Rambo, Shinobi, Track & Field, Wizards & Warriors - Iron Sword, WCW - World Championship Wrestling. Also added Box Front Scans for Jackal and Hunt For Red October.

10/16/00 - Go check out the GAME ADS section at VGMUSEUM.COM. I'm going to be in charge of that section so there will be over 300 scans by tonight.

10/8/00 - Added Cart Scan for Racket Attack. Also added Box Front/Back Scans for Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Gotcha The Sport, Racket Attack, Star Soldier and To the Earth.

10/7/00 -Added 51 more Screenshots and the Box Front Scan for Pirates!.

10/6/00 - You guys have to check out the new site I added to the links section. It's called the GAME SPRITE ARCHIVES. They have plenty of cool sprite rips that were turned into animated gifs! Some of the covered systems are NES, SNES, Genesis, 32X, PSX, Neo Geo and Arcade. Can you guess my favorite?

10/5/00 - Added Cart Scans for Asterix (European), Baby Boomer, Big Nose Bubble Bobble Part 2, Casino Kid 2, Godzilla 2, Galaxy 5000, Mario's Time Machine, Megaman 5, Might & Magic, Moon Ranger, Nobunaga's Ambition 2, Pac-Mania, Pesterminator The Western Exterminator, Ren & Stimpy Buckaroos, Super Dodgeball, Super Cars, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, Tagin Dragon, Trolls On Treasure Island, Uncharted Waters and Wizardy The Knights Of Diamond. Also Box Front/Back Scans for 720 Degrees, Alpha Mission, Bad Dudes, Battletoads, Battletoads & Double Dragon, Bee 52, Blue Marlin, Cabal, California Games, Casino Kid, Cybernoid The Fighting Machine, Deadly Towers, Deja Vu, Dig Dug 2 (Bandai), Double Dare, Double Dribble, Fire & Ice, Firehawk, George Forman KO Boxing, G.I. Joe Real American Hero, Home Alone 2, Hoops, John Elway Quarterback, Kid Kool, Kid Niki, Kings Of The Beach, Mag Max, Micro Machines, Mickey Mouscapade, MTV Remote Control, Paperboy, Rampage, Robocop, Robocop 3, Rocketeer, Rygar, Silver Surfer, Skate Or Die, Spider-Man The Return Of The Sinister Six, Stabley Search For Dr Livingston, Stealth ATF, T&C Wood & Water Rage, Total Recall, Taboo The Sixth Sense.

10/4/00 - Uploaded Cart Scans for Adventures Of Lolo 2, Adventures Of Lolo 3, Alfred Chicken, Arkanoid, Barbie, Bomberman 2, Faria, Flintstones Surprise At Dinosaur Peek, Impossible Mission 2, Jungle Book, Menace Beach, Micro Machines, Ms Pac-Man (Namco), Ninja Gaiden 3, Peek-A-Boo Poker, Pyramid, Qix and Race America. Also added a link to a good video game website Gamer's Super Store.


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