1/30/00 - Added Puzzle, Rock N' Ball, Street Cop Cart scans to the archive and 48 more Screenshots

1/28/00 - BlackJack, Blades Of Steel, Caveman Games, Crystal Mines, Gyruss, Heavy Shredin', Hunt For Red October, Kirby's Adventure, Kiwi Kraze, Little Nemo The Dream Master, Rambo, Shinobi, Swords And Serpents, Tecmo World Wrestling, Toobin', Volleyball, Winter Games, Win Lose Or Draw, World Games, Werewolf The Last Warrior Cart scans added to the archive. Also added 45 more Screenshots.

1/27/00 - Uploaded 99 more Screenshots, this brings the current total to 2503!!!

1/26/00 - Freespeech server was down for two days..... the files got backed up to 12-17-99!!!! Well, I replaced all html files with the newest ones from my hd today. Oh yeah, uploaded 39 more Screenshots.

1/21/00 - Changed the Game Ads section. It is now just one page with text links, this is much faster.

1/19/00 - Added Cart scans for: Captain Comic, Chiller, Digger Legend Of The Lost City, Exodus, Donkey Kong Jr, Fisher Price I Can Remember, Fisher Price Picture Perfect, Ghostbusters 2, Jaws, King Of Kings, Pinball, Quattro 4 Sports, RBI Baseball, RBI Baseball 2, Super Sprint, Taboo The Sixth Sense, Yo! Noid. Uploaded Box/Cart scans for Donky Kong Jr, Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf, Super Mario Bros, Tiger Heli. Also changed the javascript on the page. The box and cart buttons should now be updated when you pick a game from the list and the title screenshoot should be loaded. Let me know if it works.

1/18/00 - Battle Chess, California Games, Demon Sword, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2 The Revenge, Megaman 3, Pro Wrestling, Solstice, TMNT, Wizards & Warriors 2 Iron Sword Box scans added to archive. Got these from over at Game Scans. This page has scans for the C-64, Gameboy, N64, Neo-Geo, Nes, Pc-Engine, PSX, Genisis, Master System, Saturn, Snes and TG-16. You can find the site in the Links section. Also added a Cart scan for Metroid.

1/7/00 - Added CastleQuest, Dragon Warrior 4 Cart scans to the archive.

1/6/00 - Uploaded 51 more Screenshots to the archive. Also added Cart scans for Bionic Commando, Mc Kids, Rad Racer 2.

1/4/00 - Added a Messageboard to the page, go check it out. If you have games to trade go make a post.

1/2/00 - Added the following games to the archive: 64 IN 1, Casino Kid 2, Flintstones Surprise At Dinasaur Peek, Maxi-15, Ms Pac-Man (Namco), and Sunday Funday. I also uploaded Screenshots for these and other games and I moved the December news to the Old News section.


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