9/30/00 - Found Zelda and Zelda 2 Adventure Of Link both with box and manual at one of my local thrift stores! Cost me $16 for both. The Box Front/Back Scans were added to the archive. I have some free time so I'm going to scan some more manuals today. I might upload them tonight. If not then during the week sometime.

9/28/00 - Uploaded Cart Scans for Baseball Stars 2, Casino Kid, Kid Icarus, Megaman 3, Metroid, Metal Gear and Miracle Piano Teaching System. Also Dragon Warrior 2 Front/Back Box Scans.

9/25/00 - Added Manual Scans for Dragon Warrior, Hogan's Alley, Metal Fighter, and Star Trek 25th Anniversary, also replaced the ones for Battletank, Bible Buffet, Castle Of Dragon, Deathbots, Donkey Kong Jr, Tiger Heli, Rainbow Island and Videomation. Also moved some of the news to the old news section.

9/20/00 - Uploaded Cart Scans for Double Dragon, Fire & Ice, Klax, Megaman 6 and Paperboy. Also Front/Back Box Scans for Dr Chaos.

9/19/00 - Added some scans from VGMUSEUM.COM, they are Box Front/Back Scans for Astayanax (European), Batman (European), Guardian Legend (German), Megaman 6, Mike Tyson's Punchout, ShadowGate, Tecmo World Wrestling and Wrath Of The Black Manta (European). Also uploaded Box Back Scans for Battle Chess, California Games, Demon Sword, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2 The Revenge, Megaman 3, Megaman 4, Pro Wrestling, Solstice, TMNT, TMNT 2 The Arcade Game and Wizards & Warriors 2 Ironsword. Oh yeah, also added the Italian Front Box Scan of Super Mario Bros.

9/17/00 - Uploaded 39 more Screenshots to the archive. Also replaced the Manuals of Alien 3 and Athletic World with a different compression ratio. This reduced the file size greatly, the files should now take less time to view.

9/14/00 Uploaded Manual for Blaster Master.

9/10/00 Added Cart Scan of Sesame Street 123 that is different from the current version. Maybe it's newer release or vica versa? Also added Abadox, Cybernoid Fighting The Machine, Fantasy Zone (Tengen), Fester's Quest, Kid Kool, Mag Max, Megaman 4, Operation Wolf, Platoon, Pyramid, Section Z, Soloman's Key, Time Lord and To The Earth Box Front Scans. And to top it off I uploaded Dr Mario, Tiger Heli and Sunday Funday Manuals too.

9/8/00 Adventurers Of Tom Sawyer, Alien 3, Bible Buffet, Donkey Kong Jr, Videomation Manuals added to the archive. Also uploaded 26 more Screenshots.

9/5/00 - Uploaded Manuals for Athletic World, Battle Tank, Castle Of Dragon and Deathbots. Also added Box/Cart scans for the European version of Star Wars. Added link to Video Game Land go give them a visit


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