3/29/00 - Replaced Game Ad Scans for Tiny Toons Cartoon Workshop by Konami, WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge. Also added new scan for Spider-Man Return Of The Sinister Six by LJN.

    - Moved February news to Old News section.

3/28/00 - Added 10 yard Fight, American Gladiators, Bugs Bunny Crazy castle, Black Bass, Break Thru, Break Time, Back To The Future 2&3, Cobra Command, Ice Climber, Karate Champ, Little League Baseball Championship Series, Magic Of Scheherazade, Ninja Crusaders, Sesame Street 123, Sesame Street ABC, Slalom, Soccer, Tale Spin, Tennis Cart Scans to the archive.

    - Also replaced Game Ad Scans for both Arcadia's Silver Surfer ads; Capcom's Megaman 3, Destiny Of An Emperor; Konami's Castlevania 3, Laser Invasion; LJN's Incredible Crash Dummies; Tradewest's Battletoads, multigame ad.

    - Updated Contest Of The Month with the submission by Little Mac of 18210 Points.

3/26/00 - Replaced Game Ad Scans for Acclaim's Double Dragon 3, Trog; Taxan's GI Joe. Also added new scans for AD&D Hillsfar/ AD&D Pool Of Radiance by FCI; TMNT Tournament Fighters by Konami.

3/25/00 - I got another complete Wisdom Tree game today - Sunday Funday. The Box/Cart Scans for this and for Rc Pro-Am & Gauntlet (Unlicensed Version) were added to the archive. Poster Scan of Gauntlet (Unlicensed) was added, I also added anchors to the poster html while I updated it. Replaced Game Ad Scans for Game Genie by Galoob, Bill & Ted's Video Game Adventure by LJN. Also added new ad of Smash TV by Acclaim.

- Mike submitted a score of 7210 for the Contest Of The Month.

3/23/00 - Replaced larger Game Ad Scans for Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge by Acclaim; Game Genie by Galoob; Hook by Imagesoft; Wolverine by LJN; Turbo Touch 360 by Triax; Nightshade by Ultra. Also added new scans for Roger Clemens MVP Baseball, Terminator 2 by LJN; Paperboy by Mindscape; Pirates!, Star Trek 25th Anniversary by Ultra. I also added some anchor tags in the html code, this should make the browsing easier.

3/22/00 - Added Cart Scans for Desert Commander, Flintstones The Rescue Of Dino & Hoppy. I also replaced the Megaman 5 scan with a larger one, and added a new Ad Scan for Alien 3.

3/19/00 - Uploaded 24 Screenshots to the archive.

3/18/00 - Added Cart Scans for: A Boy & His Blob, Battle Of Olympus, Batman, Bigfoot, Dragon Power, Faxanadu, Mystic Quest, Othello, Predator, Ski Or Die, Wolverine.

3/17/00 - Finished up the Game Ads section.

3/15/00 - Got my page hosted by Zophar's Domain! I can finally have all my files under one server. Thanks again Zophar. Oh yeah, I extended the Contest Of The Month for one month since no one submitted an entry.

3/11/00 - Athena, Dragon Warrior 2, Laser Invasion, Mad Max, Millipede, Section Z, Stinger, Time Lord, WWF Wrestlemania, Wrecking Crew, Where's Waldo, Yoshi's Cookie Cart Scans added to Archive.


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