12/31/99 - The freespeech server was being worked on so I wasn't able to update the page, well here's the update for today:

    - Added Box/Cart scans for Bill & Ted's Excelent Video Game Adventure, Darkman, Friday The 13th, Gold Medal Challenge 92, Super Spike V'ball, Top Gun Second Mission, Xenophobe.
    - Added Cart scan for Sword Master.
    - Added Box scans for Adventures Of Bayou Billy, Air Fortress, Blades Of Steel, Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest, Contra, Digger Legend Of The Lost City, Double Dribble, Excite Bike, Ghosts N' Goblins, Goonies 2, Jackal, Jordan Vs Bird One On One, Life Force, Marble Madness, North & South, Platoon, Shadowgate, Spy Hunter, Top Gun, Track & Field 2.
    - Added 23 more Screenshots.
    - Extended the Contest Of The Month until 1-31-00 and added some scores that were submitted during the downtime.

12/17/99 - Added box/cart scans for Image Fight, Rolling Thunder. Also cart scan for Double Dragon 3 The Sacred Stones.

12/16/99 - The following box/cart scans were added: Dirty Harry, Solar Jetman, T2 Terminator 2 Judgement Day.

12/15/99 - Well the contest of the month is over and the winner is Sardius! He was the only one to enter the contest, so he won by just playing 5 minutes into the game! Maybe you guys didn't like the game I was giving away? Well the contest this month will be for a set of Castlevania carts. I hope I get more than one entry this month.

12/13/99 - Added My Stuff section. It is a list of the NES stuff in my collection.

12/12/99 - Added the following cart scans: Bee 52, Big Nose The Caveman, Dungeon Magic Sword Of The Elements, Kings Knight, Knight Rider, Milon's Secret Castle, MTV's Remote Control, Nobunaga's Ambition, Phantom Fighter, Road Blasters, Robo Warriors, Target Renegade, Tag Team Pro-Wrestling, Ultimate Stuntman, Wayne Gretzky Hockey and Xevious (Bandai).

12/10/99 - Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop, Xexyz cart scans added to the archive.

12/9/99 - Added cart scans for 10 Yard-Fight, Bionic Commando, Big Bird's Hide & Speak, Final Fantasy, Rambo, T2 Terminator 2 Judgement Day.

12/6/99 - Fixed my computer! It was down all weekend......... Well here's the update for today. F15 City War, Fisher Price Firehouse Rescue, Freedom Force, Golgo 13 Mafat Conspiracy, Greg Norman Golf Power, Goal, Gotcha The Sport, Guardian Legend, Harlem Globetrotters, Hook, Hudson Hawk, Hydlide, Karate Kid, Klash Ball, Kings Of The Beach, Kung Fu Heroes, Lode Runner, Michael Andretti's World GP, Mendal Palace, Metal Mech Man & Machine, Mission Impossible cart scans added to the archive. Also uploaded 72 more screenshots and added the "status line" on top of the page.

12/3/99 - Added the following European box scans: Gun Smoke, Mike Tyson's Punchout, Super Mario Bros, Trojan, Yoshi. They were kindly donated by Joe , who I met on Ebay. Thanks Joe.

12/1/99 - Moved the November news to the old news section. Replaced the menu bar on the left. I thought Advertisments was too confusing so replaced that section with Game Ads. Fixed the code for Baseball Stars and added cart/box scans for Tetris 2. I'm going to be helping JoseQ's with Nes roms and screenshots. I will be uploaded 793 working roms to him tommorrow. I don't know when they will be available for download. His page is in the links section, go check it out.
As of today there is:

    50 BOX SCANS
    2508 TOTAL IMAGES!!!!!!


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