4/25/00 - Added Treasure Master Cart Scan to the archive. Thanks for the scan Whiteoot

    - If you are a member of any of those websites that pay you to surf the net such as AllAdvantage then you have to try this site. They are just starting up so you can get in at the start. The software is coming out next month: BePaid.com

4/19/00 - Added new Game Ad Scans for Street Fighter 2010 by Capcom, Laser Scope by Konami, Jordan Vs Bird by Milton Bradley, TMNT 2 The Arcade Game by Ultra and Super Mario Bros Shampoo in Misc section. Also uploaded rescans for 10 other game ads.

4/16/00 - Sl1me won the Contest Of The Month with a score of 22429! He wins a Nes system from Funcoland.

    - Added new Game Ad Scans for Super Mario Bros Movie, Game & Watch. Both are under the Misc section. Also uploaded rescans of 22 game ads.

    - Added Cart Scans for Guerilla War, Side Pocket, Super Pitfall and Twin Eagle.

    - Added Box Scans for Guardian Legend

4/14/00 - Acclaim's Total Recall, Taxan's G.I. Joe and Ultra's Mission Impossible Game Ad Scans replaced.

    - Added two new Misc Game Ad Scans. One is for Nintendo Cereal, the other a Sears ad for the Nes.

    - New score by LittleMac of 21330 points for the Contest Of The Month. Contest ends tomorrow so send in some more Scores....

4/12/00 - Replaced the following Game Ad Scans: Bionic Commando #2 & Megaman 3 by Capcom, Incredible Crash Dummies & Punisher by LJN, Abodox by Milton Bradley, Multi-game ad by Tradewest, Ski Or Die & multi-game ads by Ultra. Also new Spider-Man Return Of The Sinister Six #2 ad by LJN.

4/9/00 - Added European Box Scans for Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest & Faxanadu. Both were donated by Guardian, thanks again! I also added scans of the back of boxes for A-C. And last, I added Game Ad Of Mario Is Missing by Nintendo.

    - Replaced Game Ad Scans for Konami's Ad #1, Taito's Demon Sword & Tradewest's Battletoads #1. Also uploaded new WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge by LJN scan.

4/6/00 - Added 52 new Screenshots to archive.

4/1/00 - New score submitted by Sl1me for the Contest Of The Month.

    - Added new TMNT Tournament Fighter's Game Ad Scan by Konami, also replaced the #2 scan for Bill & Ted's Video Game Adventure by LJN.


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